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EPIC—A bridge to the future
—the new standard for mid-sized SBCs

EPIC is a new standard that solves the need for an industrial-quality SBC that fits in size between PC/104-Plus and EBX standards. EPIC is endorsed by major SBC companies. It supports both PC/104 and PC/104-Plus expansion to take advantage of the hundreds of I/O modules available worldwide. It also has the flexibility to support high speed, serial buses like PCI Express.

Designers are always striving to add more functionality in less space. Embedded systems manufacturers who require faster CPUs and/or more I/O than found on a PC/104 CPU can now design in a broadly-supported, standardized, full-featured platform. Advances in semiconductor density, packaging technology, and connector technology have made this new
EPIC form factor possible. This is especially important for applications that can’t accommodate larger, industrial grade EBX-sized boards. With EPIC, there is finally an industry standard for a mid-sized board.

The key features of the
EPIC platform include:

1. Small, industrial-grade, embedded SBC
2. Full compatibility with existing PC/104 and PC/104-Plus expansion
3. Fundamentally an I/O platform with processor
4. Open industry standard administered by an independent standards body
5. A bridge from current technology into the future—the ability to support PCI Express, ExpressCard, and other technologies, as they become available.

EPIC standard is the cooperative effort of the companies listed below who have or are developing products to the new standard. Click the logos to see the status of these new products.